We provide Private-Equity firms with vital Business Analytics - From the due diligence period to well after the acquisition has closed!

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You’re in the business of buying & growing companies to create value.

Why not utilize Data2Profit’s decades of expertise in data and business analytics to minimize your upfront risk while vertically aligning the data you just bought?

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence:

  • Quality of earnings assessments

  • Customer and product sales analysis

  • Balance Sheet reviews

  • Business capability assessments:

    • Key work process efficiency

    • System and data analysis capability assessment

    • Leadership and staff readiness

Post-Acquisition Optimization:

  • Business transformation and integration leadership

  • Strategy development

  • Deep dive profitability analysis and recommendations

  • Sales productivity, prospecting and customer retention analysis

  • Customer retention and purchase behavior analytics

  • Product sales trends and inventory management

  • Work process improvement