Lynn Corazzi - Chief Data Analyst

Lynn Corazzi - Chief Data Analyst

Lynn Corazzi creates and delivers visions for using data analytics to transform business.

He gave the following message in the last scene of a skit introducing CRM as a strategy:

"With our real-time data system, we'll see when a customer stops using our cheese.  Sales Reps will get an immediate notice, can swoop in and save the business."

Implementing this vision helped deliver seven straight years of sales team productivity, customer retention and volume growth. 

Lynn’s expertise is in building data analytics capability and integrating new information into strategic planning, performance management and operational reporting work processes.

After 14 years of financial leadership at Procter & Gamble and a Duke University MBA, Lynn provided Director-level leadership at two smaller companies. As a consultant for a private equity owned company, Lynn identified pricing strategies that improved gross margins and increased profits.

Lynn’s customer focus is reflected in a formula based on three key factors:

Strategy + Capability + Culture = Business Success

Data analytics can, and should be, an integral component of all three.